A Political Map: Connected Dots

Limited Hang Outs - Best Evidence - Disinformation

by Mark Robinowitz

The most important question facing the human race is how we respond to the interconnected crises of Peak Everything, climate change, overpopulation, and other resource conflicts.

How we use the remaining oil determines the future of the human race:

  • do we “spend” it on solar panels or battleships?
  • on relocalizing food production or further “globalization” of production?
  • more superhighways or better trains and transit?
  • more coal, oil and nuclear, or more renewable energy systems?
  • for global permaculture solutions or global war to fight over the last oil reserves?

The environmental and peace movements are needed to help develop peaceful, permaculture responses to "Peak Everything" -- the biggest problem ever faced by humanity. It takes oil to build renewable energy equipment, and nearly everyone (living above the level of subsistence agriculture) eats food that is grown and distributed with fossil fuels.

The global crises of the end of cheap oil and the start of climate change require global levels of solutions (relocalize everywhere). We are not merely at peak oil, we are at peak technology, peak money, peak communication. Real solutions would require us to redirect the energy, talents, resources, etc. of global capitalism, the military industrial complex, universities, media and other pillars of our society.

We have enough resources and talent to shift civilization to create a peaceful world that might be able to gracefully cope with the end of concentrated fossil fuels, or to create a global police state to control populations as the resources decline. We don't have the ability to have a peaceful world while embarking on a World War over the last of the fossil fuels that power civilization.

Understanding why civilization did not respond to the warnings of resource depletion decades ago is needed if a shift toward sanity is still possible at this late date. This is a simple question that has a complicated answer - since these decisions were not made democratically. Addressing Peak and Climate would require world peace instead of Peak Oil Wars.

We are not "addicted" to oil -- the modern world is completely dependent upon fossil fuels for industrial agriculture systems, transportation networks, and the growth based monetary system. Addictions are things you can give up -- but oil runs our civilization.

Converting the remaining resources to peaceful, permaculture uses would require removing the pretext for the "war that will not end in our lifetime" (as Cheney called it). Every war has a pretext to whip up public fear and anger, since few people support wars otherwise. Very few US citizens would have supported the war on Iraq if Bush had admitted the real reason: to control the planet's remaining oil supplies as we approach Peak Oil.

This peaceful conversion, in turn, requires discrediting the official claim that 9/11 was a surprise attack. Some claims of complicity are not correct, but there is a wealth of evidence proven beyond reasonable doubt, sourced to the mass media and official testimony, that fits a complicity paradigm much better than an “incompetence” paradigm. The attacks were deliberately allowed to happen ("shock and awe") to justify war abroad and "homeland security" domestically.

"No civilization can survive the physical destruction of its resource base."
-- Bruce Sterling

"For the next half-century there will be just enough energy resources left to enable either a horrific and futile contest for the remaining spoils, or a heroic cooperative effort toward radical conservation and transition to a post-fossil-fuel energy regime.
"The next century will see the end of global geopolitics, one way or another. If our descendants are fortunate, the ultimate outcome will be a world of modest, bioregionally organized communities living on received solar energy."
-- Richard Heinberg, The US and Eurasia: End Game for the Industrial Era? www.museletter.com/archive/132.html


2008 Fake Election

The 2008 "election" was a choice between the Rockefeller Republicans and the neo-cons, between the Council on Foreign Relations (Obama / Biden) and the American Enterprise Institute (McCain), between the old guard of foreign policy and the crazies. We need better choices than that if we are going to be able to use some of the rest of the oil for relocalization, renewable energy and "power down" strategies to mitigate the end of the age of oil. Unfortunately, we got the choice of "smarter empire" versus "Fourth Reich," not a choice of "empire" versus "no empire." Worse, it is obvious that the "voters" do not determine the outcome -- Presidential elections are rigged in advance by elites who are divided about tactics but not about the goal of US global dominance. The role of the media in determining elections is more important than touch screen voting machines and ballot scanners.


Good Cop, Bad Cop and the Destruction of Iraq

This website has - since 2003 - had a major focus to show how oil geography in the Middle East is a primary motivator of US policies. The selection of Senator Biden to be Obama's Vice Presidential running mate confirms this understanding, as Biden's failed Presidential campaign in 2007 was primarily focused on dismembering Iraq as a supposed solution to ethnic conflict between different groups that allegedly was not fueled by the US occupation. This partition would make it much easier for the US to control the oil fields -- and a long term goal is to similarly divide Iran and Saudi Arabia, creating a new country out of eastern Saudi Arabia, southern Iraq and western Iran that would have nearly all of the oil of those three countries. If this new "Arab Shia state" were combined with US allies Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar, this would give the US control over half of the world's remaining oil reserves. This is not a "failure" of US policy in Iraq, merely an extremely cynical Machiavellian strategy. However, this goal probably would require a President with a better image than George W. Bush to conclude.

Bush was Bad Cop for the Empire, Obama was the Good Cop. Trump is another Bad Cop.

Peak Oil and Climate Change

The most important question facing humanity is how we will use the remaining oil. We have burned about half of it, but the second half of the oil age will be much shorter - and probably much more violent as countries fight to control what is left. If we are smart, we will use the rest of the oil to make solar panels instead of battleships, and relocalize food production instead of creating more global sweatshops.

The trillion dollars spent to destroy Iraq could have financed an excellent high speed train network to connect our cities together.

In 2007, we are near or at the global Peak of oil production (extraction). Most efforts to mitigate the shortage involve technologies that worsen pollution that is destabilizing the climate. Turning mountains of coal into gasoline might ease the pressure (slightly) on oil demand for a few years, but the cost for the atmosphere could be catastrophic.

We are not "addicted" to oil -- the modern world is completely dependent upon it for our industrial agriculture systems, our transportation networks, and the global economy. Addictions are things you can give up -- but oil runs our civilization.



9/11: the American Reichstag Fire

9/11 was allowed to happen (and given technical assistance) to trigger Peak Oil Wars. Foreknowledge is proven beyond reasonable doubt. Specific warnings (what, when, where) came from Germany, France, Israel, Egypt, Russia and other allies. Several Air Force war games on 9/11 confused the air defenses or ensured fighter planes were too far away to stop the attacks. The CIA ran a "plane into building" drill near Dulles Airport, Virginia during 9/11. FBI probes of the flight schools were obstructed by senior management.

It is likely that remote control technology was used to "hijack the hijackers" to steer Flight 77 into the nearly empty, recently reconstructed and strengthened sector of the Pentagon (instead of crowded parts).

9/11 disinformation

There are many disinformation efforts that “muddy the waters” around 9/11 that make most Bush opponents reluctant to investigate evidence for complicity. The most important is the false claim that the Pentagon plane crash was faked -- a hoax created by Donald Rumsfeld to distract from best evidence, and discredit 9/11 skepticism inside the Beltway, both by the majority of the citizens (most voted against Bush) and the political and military elites (most were not part of the cabal that allowed and assisted 9/11).

oil we are saying - give impeachment a chance!

Impeachment is the Constitutional remedy for addressing crimes of the Cheney / Bush administration:

vote fraud flipped the results of the 2000 and 2004 Presidential elections

suppression of specific warnings that 9/11 was coming and failure to follow standard operating procedures that day which could have reduced casualties

the many lies used to attack Iraq and Afghanistan, countless war crimes, massacres, torture, detention without trial, violations of the Nuremberg Principles and Genocide Convention

blocking aid to Katrina victims in the immediate aftermath, when they were most in need of help

making the environmental crises of Peak Oil and climate change worse through deliberate failure to enact needed efficiency programs to reduce energy over-consumption


about oilempire.us
www.oilempire.us is a web based effort to connect the dots about the method to the madness so that we can convert the war machine for peaceful solutions at the end of the age of oil

media 9/11 strategy: highlight hoaxes, ignore best evidence

ABC, BBC, CNN, Common Dreams, Counterpunch, C-Span, Democracy Now, Dissident Voice, Fox, Front Page Magazine, National Public Radio, New York Times, Parade magazine, Popular Mechanics, Rolling Stone, San Francisco Chronicle, USA Today, Village Voice, The Nation and The Washington Post all follow the same pattern -- they highlight hoaxes and speculations about 9/11 while ignoring evidence of complicity proven beyond reasonable doubt.

People who promote the "no plane" nonsense get mentioned in these media outlets, those who point out that claim is a hoax and stress the suppressed warnings, wargames and other best evidence are ignored. It is a form of psychological warfare to discredit those raising serious questions by associating them with nonsense.



Homeland Security

The best analyses of Peak Oil and of global warming each conclude that the problem would have to be addressed a decade or two before it manifests at full strength - yet both problems are here, now. Perhaps the truth is that the shadow government (corporations and the military industrial complex) did not want to deal with these problems because the solutions are inherently decentralized and would require relaxation of centralized power control systems. Since we missed the opportunity to solve these issues as gently as possible, governments are instituting a global surveillance police state to suppress dissent as the oil that runs the show becomes more scarce and expensive, and climate change reduces available food and water supplies.






World War IV
mission accomplished

Dick Cheney called the “War on Terror” a war that will not end in our lifetimes because it will take decades to use up the oil in the Middle East. The neo-conservatives call this conflict World War IV -- in their view, World War III was the Cold War from 1945 to 2001.

The June 2006 issue of “Armed Forces Journal” published a map by Ralph Peters, a pro-war neo-conservative strategist that showed a redrawing of the borders of many Middle Eastern countries, especially Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Most of the region’s oil would be in the “Arab Shia State” -- since the oil is largely concentrated along the Persian Gulf and the Iraq-Iran border. The Sunni part of Iraq, most of Saudi Arabia and most of Iran (which is not Arab) would be left without much oil -- which is why Team Bush is exacerbating ethnic and religious tensions throughout the region.


a two page PDF version of this chart is available at www.oilempire.us/connect-dots.pdf

The poor countries will bear most of the burden [of high oil prices]. But the United States will be in serious difficulties. There is, I fear, a strong danger of some ill-considered military intervention to try to secure oil.
-- Colin Campbell, petrogeologist, Association for the Study of Peak Oil, December 2000

we are witnessing a sequential war to control the largest reserves on a planet that is running out of oil.
-- Michael Ruppert, From the Wilderness

The revelation of facts concerning 9/11 is THE most important issue facing America today, because it could directly expose a conspiracy to dupe Americans into approving an unjust war for oil.
-- 9/11 Visibility Project
(the original "9/11 truth" campaign)

Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are protected by public incredulity.
-- Marshall McLuhan

Global Permaculture Solutions

Perhaps the primary reason for the resource grab marketed as "The War on Terror" and the related "Homeland Security" surveillance system is an elite understanding that Peak Oil and Climate Change will reduce food and water supplies with tremendous consequences for billions of people dependent on industrial agriculture. Humanity is at the precipice of either allowing a global totalitarian approach to manage the crisis, or converting the military industrial complex, transnational corporations, the financial markets, media, etc. toward a planetary scale "global permaculture" response. The scale of the crisis is the largest in the history of civilization, so the response to these interconnected problems also needs to be the largest in the history of our species.


"forget about tearing down the Establishment. It'll never happen; the Octopus is too powerful. Instead, concentrate on building an alternative culture and passing it down to anyone who cares. Real ceremonies create positive energy, but when you focus solely on exposing Nazis, you are living in their twisted world. ....
"you don't need to be an "expert" to penetrate the wilderness of mirrors. While others concentrated on the somewhat hopeless task of identifying the shooters [of JFK], I was more interested in the straw men and rabbit holes employed by the national media to throw researchers off the track.
"if you want to be free from the banks, the governments and giant corporations, you have to learn how to provide food, water and medical needs. Whoever is doing that is running the ship. We have to learn to pilot the spaceship Earth in order to get out from under the banks and corporations."
-- Steven Hager, "The Octopus Conspiracy and other vignettes of the counterculture," Trine Day (2005)

"In the long run one can't satisfactorily say no to war, violence, and injustice unless one is simultaneously saying yes to life, love, and laughter."
-- Dave Dellinger