Pentagon Video of Flight 77 Crash

reverse psychology: the reason to hide the videos
seizing the videos proves foreknowledge, not "no plane"

blurry images published May 16, 2006 intended to fuel "no plane" hoaxes

The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.
-- Carl Sagan,
astronomer and writer (1934-1996)

It is unlikely the military will ever release clear videos of the crash of Flight 77 into the empty part of the Pentagon.

Alex Jones (, who has given considerable support to a number of hoaxes about 9/11 complicity, suggested in mid-2005 that the military will release clear images of Flight 77 in order to discredit the claim that "no Boeing hit the Pentagon." A more likely scenario is that the conspirators are delighted to have some of the 9/11 skeptics mired in this hallucination, which serves to discredit all claims of official complicity.

If these videos are ever made public, the endless speculation would stop immediately, freeing up skeptics to focus on the real issues (and it would be difficult for the hoaxers to continue invent wilder and wilder nonsense). The pseudo-debate on what hit the Pentagon is the best possible thing for the perpetrators, since it fuels speculation that makes discerning the truth(s) much more difficult. Few people care about the plane/no plane pseudo-debate, and release of additional photos are not a priority for most US citizens.

The "five photos" released by the military in early 2002 have the wrong date stamp on them (a clue that they're tampered with?) and don't show anything conclusive. They were probably a deliberate effort to throw people into an endless debate, getting various factions arguing for one theory versus another. It's a nice trick that the one frame in the video before the plane crashed includes a pylon in the parking lot partially obscuring the approaching plane -- making it conveniently difficult to use the video to prove anything about the identity of what hit the building.

blurry footage released by Pentagon a few months after 9/11 - it had "Sept 12" as the timestamp and is not usable evidence for any "theory"


Why the videos are secret: reverse psychology

A reasonable case can be made that the photos supposedly showing the Pentagon attack were deliberately doctored to mire the skeptics movement in endless debates and arguments -- which is what has happened. These photos even have the wrong time / date stamp, which is probably a subtle clue. They are of poor quality and there is zero evidence that they are authentic. Most of the media would report that they are authentic (see, the Pentagon has debunked these theories!) but few in the media would actually examine them. Meanwhile, there are some 9/11 skeptics who distrust everything the Pentagon says but then accept these photos as authentic without evidence that they are.

... consider the Pentagon crash, and the confiscation of the video from the service station security camera. That the video has never been released is regarded by many as damning evidence that authorities are trying to hide the true nature of the crash: that the video must reveal that it wasn't Flight 77 but a missile, or a fighter jet. But think: perhaps the video remains hidden because some people are quite happy to mindfuck the conspiracists and perpetuate an erroneous line of inquiry. Would they want to lay to rest a mistaken hypothesis, when it misdirects the efforts of so many? It may be that the question is not What have they got to hide? but rather, Why do they want us to think that they're hiding something?


Sheraton hotel had excellent view of the crash

The Sheraton National hotel looks out over the Navy Annex (foreground), the Pentagon (the side that was hit) and the Washington, D.C. skyline.

A security camera atop a hotel close to the Pentagon may have captured dramatic footage of the hijacked Boeing 757 airliner as it slammed into the western wall of the Pentagon. Hotel employees sat watching the film in shock and horror several times before the FBI confiscated the video as part of its investigation.[50]

If this report is accurate, then we know that something important was captured on this tape. Otherwise, the employees would not have watched it in shock and horror. The FBI has never revealed the images from this camera.
[50] "Video of Attack" by Bill Gertz and Rowan Scarborough, Inside the Ring, Sept. 21, 2001,


More Bait: Pentagon releases blurry video on May 16, 2006, keeps most footage secret

videos released by Department of Defense to Judicial Watch organization - a recycling of the famous "five frames" previously released in 2002

from a reader:

There's no excuse for them to release video claiming to show the plane only to have it show only the tip of the nose for one or two frames. Clearly they are trying to stoke the debate. This, to me, adds more evidence that the whole thing is a psyop campaign, that they WANT us to be debating endlessly what hit the Pentagon. It diverts attention from the more important issues. I can hear them laughing.

New Frames from Pentagon Crash Video Show Langley Embarrassing the 9/11 Truth Movement
Jamey Hecht, Ph.D.
Senior Staff Writer

Video of the Pentagon Attack:
What is the Government Hiding?
Jim Hoffman
Version 0.9, May 16, 2006

Today, the DOD released two videos from Pentagon security cameras, through One of the videos includes the five frames leaked in 2002. The new frames, including several from a different camera, add almost nothing to the body of public evidence about the Pentagon attack on 9/11/01. Since the new videos don't show an airplane, they promise to fuel debates about what hit the Pentagon, rather than put them to rest.
The US government has for years refused to release video evidence that might undermine the popularity of no-Boeing theories. Today's release did not include video recordings from nearby businesses seized by the FBI within minutes of the attack.

The refusal of authorities to release video evidence has been cited by supporters of Pentagon no-jetliner theories as evidence that Flight 77 wasn't there. If the government has proof that Flight 77 hit the Pentagon, why doesn't it make it public? Perhaps because it serves the cover-up to keep the sideshow debate about what hit the Pentagon going.

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The video footage released isnt the best proof they could have released and that’s one thing for sure. So this does imply that there is a reason for this. The US govt. are masters of this – propaganda/media manipulation of some sort. However I believe that this is to subvert attention away from the real questions. Letting the grainy images debates to simmer, then blowing the argument out of the water with good footage. And again try to make it an outright offence to question any part of 9/11 & put all the 9/11 questions to rest.
Dont let them, there are more pressing questions to be answered than flight 77.
Truth_Seeker @ 05/16/06 18:29:24