the Iran-Contra Scandal Never Ended

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John Negroponte, George W Bush's Ambassador to the UN (and now, to Iraq)
He covered up death squads in Central America while he was the Ambassador to Honduras for Reagan,0,4600392.story?coll=bal%2Doped%2Dheadlines


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Arms for drugs, unauthorized activities, dealing with the enemy, hiding from Congress, flying drugs into the country to raise money for an illegal war... All of this happened in the Iran-Contra scandal.
Many like to brush off notions of vast conspiracies, saying how could so many people keep a secret? This affair was ongoing for five years without a peep from any participants! The Kennedy assassination was, after all, in the end, a one day event. But this went on for five years before story started coming out, and it involved thousands of participants. When people want to keep something secret, they can. It was a freak accident that brought this story into the mainstream, the downing of Eugene Hasenfus.